“And I don’t want you eating any red meats like beef and pork and …

“Hold on just a moment there ma’am, pork is not a red meat.”

“Oh yes it is,” she responded.

Now you have to know, you don’t argue the color of pork with someone who has been as involved with pork and its color as I have.

“In the Philippines we say it is red,” added my pleasant nephrologist lady who clearly imagined that being as we are in the Philippines, the two of us, then she had the last word.

“In North America it’s called “the other white meat,” I felt wounded.

“Like I say, we’re not in …”

“Webster’s dictionary says pork is a white meat,” I pleaded as one last try.

“Oh dear,” the good lady sighed kindly, “All right then, I don’t want you eating any red meats or pork,” she smiled indulgently.

You just can’t win with some ladies – especially not nephrologist ones.

I have developed these swollen feet you see, edema she assured. I shall add quickly that this started in Canada as I don’t want the Philippines blamed as being unfriendly to white feet. But where we thought maybe sitting too much or rapid changes from cold climates to warm ones may be the cause, we are now passing that stage and wondering what else it could be. We are thinking, “Well, you do have only one kidney right; let’s run some tests shall we?”

We rose to leave, “And remember now, I don’t want you drinking too much either. Keep it modest.”

How am I going to tell her that in Canada, (and I know we’re not in Canada) but anyway, in Canada I was encouraged to drink much more. “Keep drinking,” I was counselled by the doctor when reviewing my kidney health, albeit pre edema. “Keep drinking, and by that I mean water.”

I have saved that discourse for my next visit post lab tests review on Tuesday.

Daisy, looking appropriately concerned regarding my feet, avowed as she would cancel her visit top Cebu. I assured her that her cancellation wouldn’t change anything to do with my feet but would be a disappointment to the family. I insisted she go and so she did yesterday morning per the long distance bus, the Ceres Liner.

On our earlier return trip from Santa Fe I had put my finger on why it was that their modern busses were so uncomfortable. They have a seat row configuration 2 and 3 rather than 2 and 2. This is a country of little bums …and big bums suffer – not that mine is that big. Quite small actually.

So it is now my business to avoid bus travel if I can.

In spite of the fact that you’ll find no reference to it on the web, Cebu Pacific Air does run a single daily flight between Cebu and Dumaguete for give or take $35 each way. Apparently the price varies according to whether you want Steerage, post steerage, pre economy, economy, post economy or standing room only. I dare say the seats are still too narrow, and they certainly cost extra along with the food but at least it will be for only a thirty minute flight.

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