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Tablas Island

A place to Visit, a place to Retire too!

Tablas is the centerpiece of the Romblon Province island chain which also includes Romblon, Sibuyan, San Jose (Carabao Island), Maestre de Ocampo, Banton , simara and several smaller isles.

Tablas is a vastly undeveloped island which and provides a prime example of all the beauty that can be found in the Philippines. Long deserted fine white sand beaches, rolling hill landscapes with panoramic vistas, unique diving spots and a vibrant culture proudly displayed by open and friendly locals will entice all travelers who visit. Quite often, the enchantment of a single visit to beautiful Tablas convinces a tourist to explore the possibility of making Tablas their permanent or second home.

With a newly re-opened airport to provide quick access three times a week to Manila, Tablas is now a viable prospect to those people who want the laid back island lifestyle in harmony with nature and local culture but need access to the major worldwide transportation hub that Manila provides. with this improvement in access there is always a concern that development will increase so dramatically that it will destroy the beauty that first attracted, however a responsible government that is committed to preserving the raw natural beauty while improving access to modern infrastructure will see to it that Tablas grows in a sustainable fashion. Also important in the development is a wide, well maintained , cemented road system which allows for easy travel  around the island itself as well as the opening of a new and modern hospital.

Tourism is one of the main attractions and here travelers can dive the unique “Blue Hole”, Kite board of windy shallow soft beaches or just explore and enjoy the natural beauty of the landscape, culture and friendly locals. The other industry that is drawing people to Tablas is agribusiness. This island has become a hotbed for foreign retirees looking to supplement their income in farming ventures while maintaining a high quality of life in relaxing fashion.



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