What Foreign Men Want in a Filipina

What you Filipina Women may not Know!

Do women here really know what foreign men want in a Filipina? That thought just struck me this morning as I sat down in front of my computer so I decided maybe I could give them a few insights.

Before reading this, please understand that I cannot speak for all foreign men but I have gained some knowledge of the subject from both my own experience and through talking this subject over with the many friends I have made here who have found a Filipina partner or who are still searching. If you are a guy reading this and have something to add or a different viewpoint, by all means  feel free to sign up share what you want in a Filipina. ( https://findinglovewithafilipina.com/registration/ )

To start, I have to share a secret to all you beautiful and available Filipinas out there. The vast majority of us foreign guys gracing the beautiful shore of your island nation are not movie stars, models , rich or famous. Mostly, we are middle aged to older grey haired or balding, probably at least a little overweight and come from the middle class or lower in terms of financial wealth. In fact, in our own countries the average women hardly gives any of a second glance and we are usually not considered as great catches in the partner material department. The reality is that most foreign men you will meet who have decided to search for a Filipina partner have got tired of feeling used and abused by Western women and the perceptions of Western Society in general.

What Foreign Men want in a Filipina is to feel appreciated and loved

What we foreign men want in a Filipina for the most part is to feel loved and cared about again. We want to be looked at like we are attractive and that despite our advancing ages, we still have something to give to a good woman. We want to be able to trust a woman and feel that our relationships are “permanent”, not just something that will dissolve when the difficult times beset us, as they do in any life. ( the marriage vow of “in sickness or in health, for richer or for poorer” comes to mind).

I believe too that we long for a simpler type of relationship where roles are easier defined. This does not make us chauvinistic, just easily confused and frustrated by the apparent inconsistencies and unfairness of our role in western style relationships(and breakups). Again I state that I cannot speak for all men, but personally though I never had any problems with equality to women, I do feel that somewhere along the line things got seriously mixed up and that the pendulum swung to far to favor the female gender. Myself and other men my age have lived through the age of empowerment of western women but we stood silently by afraid to appear politically incorrect while our families and hard earned money were stripped away unceremoniously by liberal courts. In short, we are looking to contribute to a partnership, but also expect something given fairly in return.

What Foreign Men want in a Filipina is not just about amazing looks

what foreign men want in a filipina

In respect to the looks department, you Filipinas have got it happening! To be blunt, even the average looking Filipina can be wildly and exotically attractive to us foreign men. Though there are definitely some of us that are looking for that young twenty-something hottie to parade around as arm candy, that is not the prevailing motivation of most of us. Yes, we want to be sexually attracted to our partner, but that does not take movie star looks, unblemished skin, large breasts or long legs. What you got even in your thirties, forties and fifties is great, so just don’t sweat the looks question. Remember and understand, where we are coming from most of us have limited options to the point of being downright depressing. Oh ya,,, before I forget, we love your darker skin! Its is something western women spend enormous time and money to get while you have been naturally graced with it. DON’T try and whiten your skin for us!!!

In the end and for the most part, what us foreign men want in a Filipina partner is another, maybe last chance to be in love again with a women who loves and respects us back. We are ready to give something to you  but we expect something back. Like any relationship or partnership it has to fulfill the needs of both that are in it.

Putting into words what foreign men want in a filipina is probably more difficult than saying what we DON’T want so here are a few tips of what to avoid.

  • We dont want to be lied to. Don’t try and tell us what you think we want to hear
  • we don’t want to feel like we are just “wallets”. Don’t ask us for money or try to manipulate us with sad tales. Most of us have good hearts, will recognize your financial needs and offer to help as we can
  • We don’t want to be used for an immigration visa to our countries. Things will develop naturally and if that is what both parties see as the best option for them as a couple, it will happen. Don’t push us or we will very quickly get the impression that once in our country, you will bolt for greener pastures.
  • We don’t want to be manipulated by sex (hmmm, well maybe not entirely true, lol). Don’t jump into bed with us on the first date because though it may cloud our minds temporarily, (even to the point of marriage), if we don’t get to know you first as a person, the odds are both of us will be making a huge mistake. Relationships based on sex rarely work out in the long run. Most good men, foreign or otherwise, will wait for the sex thing a reasonable amount of time if they think you are worth it.
  • We don’t want to be overwhelmed with taking care of your family. Most of us understand the high importance the Filipino culture places on family and the obligations that come with that, but don’t be unreasonable. Remember, we fell in love with YOU, not your family and most of us from the West are just not used to the concept that when we get involve with you, we are also getting involved with your family.

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