The Foreigner Filipina Relationship Phenomenon

The Foreigner Filipina Relationship Phenomenon is huge, and is most likely one of the biggest examples of co-mingling of different cultures in personal relationships the world over.

From the Foreigners’ perspective, a relationship with a Filipina offers the chance to share their life with some one who finds them desirable long after Women of the West have written them off as “over the hill” and put them out to pasture, but they also get a woman firmly grounded in the concepts of Christian and family values seemingly long forgotten but highly attractive to men who have been conditioned to believe that those qualities should no longer be expected in a woman. The added bonus is that most Filipinas are at least passably fluent enough in the English language to be able to share thoughts, ideas and emotions so that a connection can also be made and developed outside the confines of the bedroom.

For the Filipinas, a relationship with a foreigner means an exotic exploration into a world far removed from their limited experiences within the borders of their beautiful country. It not only gives them the opportunity to experience a world they crave to know, but expands their personal horizons of growth that would be limited in a relationship with a man of their own country and culture. Though there is of course some Filipinas who would use a relationship with a foreign man who seems to have financial resources far beyond their own, simply as a means to and ends in regards to gaining financial affluence, most foreigners have found that the for Filipinas that they have got to know and love, the financial benefits are simply a fringe benefit that can sometimes provide stability and opportunity. Though hard for most foreigners to understand, for some reason these beautiful and loving Filipinas actually find us wildly attractive and are refreshed to find a breed of man that are kind considerate and loving to them.

As in most cases though, when two such differing cultures mingle to such a high degree as we find in the Foreigner Filipina Phenomenon, there are challenges. On this site, our goal is to deal with those challenges from both sides through interaction and the sharing of experiences, good bad , ugly and joyous. To be successful in attaining that goal, we ask the users of this platform understand that those challenges are best met and overcome through information and the best way to get information is from those people that have real experience.

So whether you are a foreigner or a Filipina, someone who is in the midst of a search for a partner, is currently in a relationship or have had a bad one, we urge you to openly share any and all experiences you have had so that we may grow as a members of the group and make the Foreigner Filipina Phenomenon a successful one for as many people as possible.

To share, just visit our registration page where you can sign up and start posting your own personal experiences in a simple blog format. Should you need help getting started, please contact us at and we will guide you through.

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