What awaits you could be beyond your wildest dreams!

You know, the one thought that comes to mind often is how possible it is to start a complete NEW LIFE IN THE PHILIPPINES! This place literally GIVES you opportunity after opportunity to create and live a new version of yourself. And as I stare at the ocean (Metaphysical Teacher that I AM) while writing this, knowing that the ocean represents a “sea of unlimited possibilities” I realized that for anyone moving here, it is just that; a land of unlimited possibilities.

What is so amazing is all YOU have to do is decide the kind of life you wish to live out. If you want the bachelor life then that is very , very easy here. If you wish for a new life of adventure, then with all the country has to offer in the way of activities and things to do and places to go, that to is very easy. And if you are one who wants a second chance at showing the universe you CAN be a good father and husband, then that life is here too.  You want to be a hermit and just do nothing bay lay by the seaside working on that novel of yours, you can do this too. I know because did that for about two months. (Then my Girl friend came back….. from burying her grandmother and taking care of her ailing father) Oh.and if you wish to become a business tycoon, in spite of what, many of the naysayers say, I believe that is possible too. Hey the owner of this site can tell you about that. (You can take this part out Gord if you want too, LOL)

So the only thing left is for YOU to determine WHO DO YOU WISH TO BE NOW….AT THIS STAGE (because life is played out on a huge stage in our own mind) in your life.

Now, let me let you in on something I think will be true for many;  I don’t think you will truly figure it out…..until you get here. You see you may think you know, but when you get here and really SEE WHAT THIS PLACE HAS TO OFFER you may want to change your plan. expand your vision, or simply throw out everything you thought you knew you wanted and start all over.

In 2012 many people were preparing for the end of the world. They were basing their apocalyptic fears on the Mayan calendar and according to some the END was supposed to come in 2012. Well, I don’t have time here to explain point by point the interpretation of the Mayan calendar, but  what many who are well versed in their calendar have discovered is that it was not the END OF TIME BUT THE END OF AN AGEthat the calendar was revealing to humanity. There’s a difference. We have known many “ages” to come and go; The Ice Age, Age of Enlightenment, the Middle ages right on up to where we are now in our modern SOCIAL AGE. These all represent the end of A PERIOD OF TIME and the beginning of of another….a NEW AGE.

Well, what’s so funny is for MANY MEN who decide on a new life in the Philippines they really do get to live out a NEW AGE HERE! In the Philippines you will widely see many May/ December relationships. I’m 51 my sweetheart is 28. Believe me there are age differences wider that THAT and it is all accepted here.

Get Ready to Start Your New Life in the Philippines!!

So, if you wan to begin your life again, start over, become more of who you already are, then the Philippines is one place I know where that is possible. Here’s the thing, and I often reiterate this in my articles;  just TAKE YOUR TIME TO KNOW WHAT YOU WANT. You may THINK you want a relationship or a wife…..until you get here and you experience all of these women wanting to be with you. I AM not saying this will MAKE YOU CHANGE, I’m saying I don’t think one truly knows until he experiences it. On the other hand you may think you want the bachelor life having a different girl every night (absolutely possible here) and then you come here and experience the love a beautiful LOVING AFFECTIONATE FILIPINIA that loves you past your dirty socks, and decide you really didn’t want that other life after all.

I think the Philippines is a great place to get to know who you really are and what you really want in life.
So, get your passport, get your affairs in order, do your “I’M HEADED TO THE PHILIPPINES FACEBOOK POSTS” get on the plane and get over here, because there really is a NEW LIFE AWAITING YOU HERE.

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