beautiful lady philippinesSo you’ve found a beautiful girl and she ticks all the right boxes for you. You’ve started seeing each other and things are absolutely great. How do you know if she’s the one you want to spend the rest of your life with?

Well the short answer is you wait and see but that’s not good enough for everyone these days so here are my 3 tips to point you in the right direction for your beautiful girl.

  1. How well do you know each other?
    Completing each other sentences (or sandwiches for that matter) is something that happens in many new budding relationships and while it can seem magical when it happens it’s not a sign to start choosing a ring. Really knowing each other has to include both sides of the happiness coin and can take years to achieve. Unless you’re about to drop off the edge to feed the worms there’s no hurry, take your time and get to know each other slowly, enjoy it and build a solid foundation for your future.
  2. What’s average, above average and what do you have?
    I meet many people who, after a few hours of online dating and mucky skype conversations, dive over here on their first visit with plans of marriage and a feeling that everything is so cheap they should splash out on everything. Sure, compared with the western woman, most ladies in the Philippines are head and shoulders above anything back home but that doesn’t mean you need to snap up the first deal your encounter. It’s wise to play the field a bit first to get a handle on what’s what, and who might be carrying a truck load of baggage too.
  3. Know that you were probably not lucky when you found your beautiful girl.
    Anyone from the west can find a beautiful girlfriend and keep her so don’t go splashing money around like a fool just to keep her. There are two reasons for this. First and foremost, this is the best way to spoil a girl and make it very difficult for her to resist becoming a gold digger. Second money is not important in a relationship and it certainly won’t help fix a relationship on shaky ground. Just move on instead, there really are plenty more fish in the sea.

In summary, the pace of life, love and relationships is a lot slower here in the Philippines than it is in the rat race yet humdrum world of the west. There’s no hurry to get hitched and even if you think you scored a jackpot you’re still just average and that’s what makes life here amazing. Just chill-out, relax and enjoy the ride(s).