Don’t Want To Be A Minute Man in the Philippines!

Take Your Time and Find the Filipina(s) You Want

I have lived in the Philippines for over 1 year now. Before actually living here I had visited a number of times. Let’s face it, those who know, KNOW that there is a huge difference between visiting here and living here. I don’t care how many times you visit, there is no education like the one you receive living here. Once you choose to be a man in the Philippines, your reality will be different.

With that said, the other thing you will come to know when living here is HOW MANY ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL GIRLS, OF ALL  (LEGAL) AGES ARE HERE IN THE PHILIPPINES! When James Brown in the 60’s belted out “IT’S A MAN’S WORLD” I AM convinced he was speaking of being a man in The Philippines.

I don’t have time to be politically correct and so many ladies MAY be turned off by this statement, but the truth is the Philippines is really a great place to be a MAN. It’s an even better place to be a foreign man OF ANY PERSUASION. Don’t get it twisted; WHITE, BLACK, MEXICAN, KOREAN, JAPANESE, ALL FOREIGN MEN DO EXTREMELY WELL HERE WITH THE LADIES from what I have seen…and experienced!

Now, let’s just tell the truth; I know you may tell everyone THERE where you are that you are moving HERE to save money, to go diving, to see the sites, BUT THOSE OF US HERE KNOW THE MAJORITY OF YOU ARE COMING HERE BECAUSE YOU TOO WANT TO HAVE A BEAUTIFUL FILIPINA WOMEN AS YOUR OWN. (As I said, I’m not here to be politically correct)  I know most MEN desire these lovely women WHO ARE TOTALLY OPEN TO SPENDING TIME AND GETTING TO KNOW YOU! And if no one has told you already,when you come here to the Philippines YOU WILL BE IN LADIES HEAVEN!

I just moved recently, but before I moved from my old house, about a month ago, a guy from the United States (where I am also from) moved next door to me. Let’s call him,  “BILL.” Bill is a type of guy I encounter here in the Philippines. He’s about 6’2 about 300lbs  around 60 years old and he came here from Texas. A blue collar kind of guy who worked in the air conditioning and heating, field most of his life as well as construction. Bill raised a son and several daughters, one a Doctor in New York, so he has put his time in! He is also the product of a nasty divorce which was of course spawned from a horrible marriage.  Bill loves to hang out, enjoys having a beer, and a good time. Just a typical retired American GOOD OL’ BOY.

It didn’t take Bill long to get into the swing of things here. I am sure that first month BILL had no less than 8 beautiful women visiting his house every day, every other day, each week. A couple of them staying several days. (Hey, no judgement here) You could see the absolute GLEE on his face and hear the disbelief and amazement in his voice as he talked about these encounters. He would fill me in on the details. Now, you may think it strange that a guy WOULD tell another guy all the details of dating all of these women  BUT I KNEW THAT HE WAS JUST SO OVERWHELMINGLY HAPPY AND IN SHOCK of his new amazing life that he JUST HAD TO TELL SOMEONE!


And that brings me to my point. MEN, THE PHILIPPINES IS NO PLACE TO BE A MINUTE MAN. Now, you can think what you like but what I AM SAYING IS, when you come here, you will be OUT OF YOUR MIND WITH WHAT AWAITS YOU! I swear I don’t care what you look like 9 OUT OF 10 women will exchange numbers with you, go out with you, have coffee with you and the like. NOW WAIT! I AM not saying these women are “easy”  with no morals or women who just will SLEEP around, it’s just that they are NOT LIKE WESTERN WOMEN; They WILL give you a chance and are very approachable and VERY CURIOUS!

Now we can talk much on how you DO need to THINK AND BE CAREFUL in many situations but more on that in another article. What I want to get over to you now is MEN, TAKE…..YOUR….TIME! You don’t have to be a minute man in the Philippines! There is NO REASON TO MARRY THE FIRST BEAUTIFUL GIRL THAT SAYS HI TO YOU AT THE AIRPORT! There is no reason to make any kind of commitment the first few months you are here… NONE!  (Even though the women will try to make you) And for those of you on all of those dating websites (in which I too was on at least 5) SAVE YOUR TIME AND MONEY AND WAIT…………UNTIL YOU GET HERE.

If you know that you are coming to live in the Philippines, I would strongly suggest not to rely on those dating sites at all and . PLEASE DON’T FALL IN LOVE ONLINE! I know you are excited, I know you want that interaction now and I know how tempting it is, but SLOW DOWN AND WAIT! There is no need to be a Minute Man in the Philippines!!

Once you get here you will see. In many places (Cebu for me) women will FIND YOU. All you really have to do is go sit in the food court at the mall or just start a simple conversation and you will watch your little BLACK BOOK FILL UP IN DAYS!

The Philippines is NOT the place to be a MINUTE MAN and fall into marriage, or into a relationship THE MINUTE YOU GET OFF THE PLANE OR CHECK INTO YOUR ROOM AND ARE GREETED BY THE MOST LOVELY OF LADIES, SMILING AT YOU singing the last three words of her conversation with you. (THANK YOU SIR).


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Israel Esters is originally from Los Angeles California.He is a Spiritual “GURU” to those he shares with and teaches people how to create the life they desire through the power of their minds. He is a Jazz Pianist who has performed in Siquijor, Philippines while living here. He currently lives in the Dumaguete area with his lovely Filipina Girlfriend.