Some Simple Musings on my Philippines Adventure

Damned if I know, is it a cultural thing or purely language? Daisy and I are having any number of laughs over each other’s comprehension. Well, actually, I’m the one with the comprehension problem. There we were having lunch and talking about the upcoming afternoon shopping trip. I had been instructed to remain home after my cheek surgery yesterday. “Mustn’t infect.” In the middle of the chat Daisy decided she wanted some white paper. I spent the next few moments trying to associate that thought with what we had been talking about. I tried to work it out and make sense of it. Even pointed out a nearby pad of paper, but my revelation left her unmoved. White paper, she insisted, I want white paper; you know, same like black paper. Oohhh! Make a note for the seasonings aisle.

Something like that but way more funny had happened earlier in the day. We were both rolling around on the tiled floor on that occasion. I’m so ticked I cannot recall it for you now.

For light reading my Kindle kept reminding me that I had bought Trump’s ‘The Art of the Deal.’ Well, I mean, you know, so apropos. I had been contemplating his Armageddon when our plane had been flying close to the Kamchatka Peninsula. If America was no longer so great I hoped it hadn’t affected my pilot’s navigation prowess at that time. Very dodgy. I shan’t write anything about the book for fear of creating apoplexy for someone somewhere.

The toilet cistern was making a dickens of a row. I heaved off the lid to reveal a Tivoli fountain. Well, almost. I used my superior strength and cerebral prowess to get the lid back on and then flew for the telephone and our landlord’s number. “Just put blue leed back,” I am counselled. But I had seen no leed in the rushing white foam, blue or otherwise, and said as much. He insisted; I remained steadfast. “Alright I will send some person but please check for leed. EEt’s blue.”

Still no blue lid.

Landlord arrives a half hour later, minion in tow whom he instructs to ‘feex.” Sometime later, under Daisy’s close supervision the missing leed is found caught up in some part of the drainage mechanics where it was out of sight. You had to know what you were feeling for if you hoped to find it. “Whenever happens just put leed back,” and they were gone. I suppose that means it’s fixed.

Temperature has been in the 80’s today and we had a good time in the pool. Didn’t go anywhere. Most days seem to involve a pedi-cab ride but we avoided it today. Temperatures are promised to be lower over the next several days, more around 76F or so. Sounds perfect.

Daisy has a friend in Santa Fe, (Cebu not New Mexico.) Santa Fe is found off the north west tip of Cebu island. Marianne was reminding Daisy how nice it is up there where she lives in a large beach front house and so much more suitable for Tony. “He’s retired. He wants to be surrounded by beaches and sea. Here he can get…” So we’re going to wander up there around 3rd week in March. We’ll spend 4 nights there and find out what it’s all about. If it does seem more fun than Dumaguete then we will leave here at the end of April and relocate. Our initial lease here is 3 months so no problem.

This next trip on my Philippines adventure will be combined with a trip to Cebu city for Daisy to enjoy a High School reunion immediately following the Santa Fe trip. Marianne of Santa Fe location will be there with her white boy husband. “Oh please bring Tony,” she implores, “then my man will have someone he can talk with.”

It’s funny how 24c (75F) can feel so pleasantly cool and refreshing. I step outside into the early morning sunlight and contemplate a leap into the pool. But for a moment it seems almost slightly chilly. My body must be adjusting already. I decide the water would probably be a bit chill and I’ll hold off until later. Always been a baby with cold water. Daisy calls. The breakfast table is stacked with mango, pineapple and oranges, but first a slice of papaya, sprinkled with sugar and lemon juice. Nice way to start a day during my Philippines adventure!

I check my morning e-mails religiously before breakfast each day and later reply to those requiring a response. I’m really at home with Skype these days. My first truly regular use has been since meeting Daisy on-line. Now I use the lap top as a regular phone to call anyone anywhere. The only limiting factor has been giving out a number for return calls. I have always thought that it had to be specifically a Skype call or nothing. Now I have heard I can apply to Skype for a phone number. If that is true then I can give that out for people to call me using their landline or cell, without them becoming involved in Skype.

Daisy is in the pool so I’d better get out there too.

Cheers until the next installment of my Philippines adventure!


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