Share your Filipina Success Story

What has it been like for you Living with a Filipina?

I would love for some of you other readers to share your success stories to show to all of you men out there still searching, that the the majority of us are happy beyond our wildest dreams. I am sure that there are men out there that cruise the plentiful blog sites and social media pages and what they see is a lot of men moaning and groaning about their sad tales of woe at the hands of some Filipina. I think it is important to show that these men are probably in the minority and to be blunt, most bear a good part of the responsibilty for the disatorous relationships they got themselves into in the first place.

My personal experiences since moving here and meeting countless foreigner-Filipina couples who have a happy and healthy relationship leads me to believe that there are more success stories than failures and being vocal about your happy tales will inspire more men to responsibly search out for the Filipina that is right for them.

So come on men, if you have found happiness with a Filipina who is now the love of your life, speak up and be counted. Hey, I bet you might even get some brownie points by showing your Filipina you do not take her or your relationship for granted.

To get you started, first try to remember what life was like before you met your Filipina, then maybe recall when you first realized you were in love with an incredible woman. To end, reflect on how lucky you are today to wake up each morning knowing that your special woman will be there to make your day better than you could have thought possible.

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