Finding Love with a Filipina

Chapter 1

I am a middle aged Canadian man , who recently found my true love and best friend while visiting the philippines . Over the coming days I would like to share with you mine and Shirley’s experience as well as our joy and hope for the future !

To start , I am pretty typical western man . Been married ,, and divorced . Felt the pain of playing only a minor role in my daughters upbringing .
Seems to be that just about every guy around my age that I know here in Canada , has a similar tale , the only difference being the number of times and the adversity of the divorce .
It seems that it is a forgone conclusion here in western culture that relationships will not be sustainable .

I cant tell you why this is , nor am I going to point a finger at one specific gender . All I know is that this is the reality us men seem to face .

Personally I gave up after dating numerous women after my divorce , and figured i would spent the rest of my days alone . I found relationships with western women too frustrating and confusing , and why work at them if they weren’t going to last anyway . Why invest the time????? I just didn’t get it!!!

Then ,, in my travels , i stumbled across the Philippines ,and soon learned i didn’t have to get it . There was another reality in relationships ! One that gave me hope for a future that I didn’t think was possible.

Stayed tuned,,,lol. More to come