Finding love with a filipina

Chapter 2

Gord here again , to continue with my story of finding love with a filipina,,lol

before I came to the philippines the first time , I joined filipino cupid , really not expecting much. What a total shock when after posting my profile I got hundreds of responses almost immediately .
Now, to understand where i was coming from , I know I am not the best looking guy in the world , lol, but I do have a good heart , am fairy intelligent and work hard , so do feel that I have something to offer a woman . The thing is though , those are not qualities that western women seem attracted to. I am sorry to say that in my experience , here in canada the better you treat a woman , the less interested she is in you . Being a nice guy doesnt pay,,,lol. Kinda confusing to me,,,but in chatting with filipinas I generally got a different sense . They could accept being treated well.
So I continued on with Filipino Cupid , but what I did find was that along with all the wonderful women , there were alot of scams being pulled . Gays posing as women , women posting fake pictures , and of course women who were already in a relationship , but using the site to con men out of money . It was sometimes difficult to see who was for real and who was not . I spent a lot of time (and yes I did send money to some) corresponding with those fakes.
Eventually I found a few women who i was interested in getting to know deeper, and who seemed equally interested in me . I am not a guy who needs multiple women , just one that I feel something special towards so I had to make a choice . So i did ,,, and then made plans to travel to the philippines to meet her ,,,,

well ,, when I got off the plane , I am sorry to say that right from the first minute we met in person , I knew there was no chemistry between us . So after corresponding for several months , and of course all the expenses of the trip I felt that i had wasted a lot of time , energy and money . And was left with disappointment . As well , it was pretty darn awkward . What to do for the next three weeks . I could’nt lie , and pretend I felt something for her , casual sexual relationships are not for me ,, and I also didn’t want to hurt her . Crappy position to be in.
Anyway , I got through it , though we were both disappointed. The experience certainly woke me up to some of the difficulties of long distance online dating,,

Thats all for now folks ,, but i shall continue ,,, and don’t worry ,. This story has a very happy , magical ending