Finding love with a Filipina

Chapter #4

Good morning everyone . Gord here again , and its a beautiful day to be alive and in love .

Let me continue today about how the love has grown between shirley and I.
After several months of pure bliss with the newly found love of my life , I had to return to canada to attend to business . Problem was that Shirley could not attain the permit to come with me at that time. Pure and simple , that sucked . I had finally met the girl of my dreams and we had to part .
The next 8 months all we could do was call , text or chat on skype . I missed snuggling with her , looking deep into her eyes and the touch of her soft skin . The way she giggled when I tickled her , and even the look of death she gave me when i pissed her off, lol. It was unbearable at times , but what got me through was knowing that I loved her , she loved me and that one day we would be together all the time .
In december of 2013 , I was able to return . The first time I was able to touch her again, I knew the feelings I had for her would last forever .
But, I am afraid this story , like most story’s had some dark chapters.
With my desire to eventually stay in the Philippines full time , we had got involved in several business ventures in order to develop a stable income in this country . Running these businesses kept Shirley and I busy 15 hours a day and stressed out . We were constantly fighting , and never spending any quality time together . All talk was about business , and when we finally went to bed at night , we were too burned out to hold each other in our arms and caress , cuddle and share our love .
There were many times during that period that we almost gave up on our relationship .
The magic seemed to be gone!

Sorry to leave you all hanging , but time for me to go . Check back here tomorrow for the next chapter of this continuing , true , love story.