Good morning ,Gord here , to continue my story. Sorry for the delay , but it I have had to spend some time deciding how I would write this chapter , keeping it coming straight from my heart .

Here goes , lol

So , last I wrote , the magic seemed to be gone between Shirley and I ! But to be truthful , I now realize it was still there but in a different form . It is easy to be in a relationship when all things are roses , but life isn’t like that . For me , Shirley or anyone else . That is a fact and a reality ! The true test of love is what is done when things are difficult .
For us , no matter how hard things were , our love for each other was the one constant and unbreakable thing .
Now, like for everything in this world that is worthwhile , the real work had to begin.
I cannot speak for Shirley on this but quickly , I will tell you what I learned.
I had to change. Changing myself was all I had control over. I could not change her , or anyone else for that matter. So, I had to take a long look at myself in the mirror with humility , and be honest about what I saw . What I saw hurt . I was far from perfect , lol , but so what . For me , there is no shame in making mistakes and having character defects , only shame in seeing them , and not doing anything about it .
Since then , I have worked on change in myself . It doesn’t happen all at once and it will never be complete , but for any chance of a lasting and satisfying relationship it is necessary that I keep at it .
I must stress that I had to stop focusing on what Shirley had to do to make the relationship better and concentrate solely on what I could do . That was all I ever have control of .
I am fortunate as Shirley has chosen to do the same herself . Since then , our relationship has grown beyond beyond our wildest dreams , and I believe it will continue to grow as long as we do the work necessary to nurture it . Our relationship is maturing .

well,, enough for now ! Tomorrow if you are still interested ,lol, check back and you can read about the wedding !!!!!