Finding love with a Filipina

Chapter 3

Today I want to tell you about Shirley . The love of my life that I thought I would never have

I had plans to visit the Philippines again in the winter of 2013 so ,, I signed up again on a dating site hoping that this time the experience would be better .for several months , I corresponded with Filipinas , and went through the same crap again .
Numerous gays posing as women , people who would have all sorts of reasons to not be able to do a video call , and of course ,all the requests for money . I actually did send money to some with the hope that it would help them and their families out , but I also knew some were just scams and con jobs .
It took a long time to weed out the crap and again I eventually was left with several women I thought were real , and that i was attracted to in both looks and personality .
It was a hard choice to make , especially with the doubts from my previous experiences , but for some reason , whatever god is out there let it be Shirley .

Again , I got on a plane ,and made the trip .

I met Shirley at the airport in manila , and right from the first moment , i was comfortable with her . No awkwardness at all and it was like we had known each other forever .

2 weeks later , I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt , that she was the women i had been waiting for alllll my life . She was and remains to be everything that i ever wanted in a woman .
,,,and she loves me,,lol

I asked her to marry me ,proposing with a 500 php ring and love in my heart .

I stayed in the Philippines for 4 months and cherished her love everyday , even when we had some rough times .

We plan to get married in a few weeks and have a family . I now have a complete life beyond my wildest dreams . There will be good times ahead ,, and some rough times , but with Shirley by my side I will never forget that miracles happen.

Let love happen,,, it is a beautiful thing