Why I am Lucky !

Several years ago I made a huge decision that would turn my life upside down forever change the world I live in. I pulled out all roots to the country and life I had lived in for over 5 decades and made a move to the Philippines. After living here for 2 and ½ years, I truly consider the Philippines as my home and this life as the one I expect to have for the remainder of my days on Earth.

It is a life I dreamed of since I was a young man, but sometimes like all humans I usually take my blessings entirely for granted and sometime pay way too much attention to the things that are not perfect, rather than fully appreciated what I have.

Today, I want that to be different and am spending a little bit of my time to inventory some of the reasons I should feel so lucky for the life I now have.

1- I have a beautiful and intelligent wife, who loves me beyond anything I could have thought possible. I love her just as much. I fully believe we will be together until the day I die.

lucky living in the philippines

2 – I have a family that has welcomed me into their arms, without asking anything in return except that I make my wife happy and treat her right. I will always do that to the best of my ability.

lucky living in the philippines

3 – I wake up every morning to the sound of waves lapping against the shores outside my back door. I look out from my balcony and most mornings see the most beautiful sunrise a person could imagine, giving me hope for the endless possibilities that exist

.lucky living in the philippines

4 – I have gained a renewed spirituality that there is some force that is good and watching over me, but is beyond all my ability to comprehend. How else could I have ended up with this life after the many deep and dark challenges I have faced.

5 – I have more GOOD friends than I can ever begin to count. These friends come from many different cultures and backgrounds. They are not perfect but I can live with that, as they live with my imperfections

6 – I never have to face the harsh Canadian winters ever again. A life of donning 4 layers of clothing for a simple outing, sitting in a frozen vehicle waiting for the windows to defrost enough to navigate treacherous roads, or feeling the cold bite of driving snow across my face


7 – Every day, I get to hop on a motorcycle and feel the exhilaration of driving on the open road. This was something only the “cool” kids got to do when I was a teenager and I could only watch in envy. When older and I had the ability to chose to do this, I was lucky to get out a handful of times during the short summer months of the Canadian climate.top

8 – Every day I get the choice to go mountain biking or hiking in some remote and serene locales or snorkel in some amazing offshore marine sanctuaries. The ocean I so love always close.

lucky living in the philippineslucky living in the philippines


9 – And lastly, I have the ability to look at my life and live in appreciation of what I do have rather than in resentment for what I do not.

The day that I made that choice to take that huge chance and chase my dreams, was the best day of my life. There have been ups and downs, and plenty of challenges, but I am sure that if I could have been lucky enough come to this place in my life from the deep and dark chasms I have visited, anyone can. All they need is the guts to follow their dreams! Maybe some of you others out there will be as lucky as I have in finding my dreams in the Philippines.