Meet a Filipina in Person

Easier than you could imagine!

meet a filipina in person

Can you forego the whole online dating ritual and just hop on a plane and come over to the Philippines and meet a Filipina in person? The answer to that is a resounding absolutely!

Though myself and many other foreign men have used online dating sites to find our Filipina partners, there seems to be a growing number of men who have avoided that whole hassle and simply just came to explore the Philippines and carry out their search in person with great success. To give you an idea of how easy it can be, I am a happily married man who is 100% loyal and actively try to ensure I put out none of the signs out that I am interested in any other women, but almost on a daily basis I get those signals back from young beautiful women while I go about my daily business. Some are subtle hints while others are straightforward inquiries whether I am single and looking for a Filipina girlfriend or wife. While going to great lengths to avoid appearing “available” there is no doubt in my mind that if I was looking, it would take me no time at all to have more dates than I could ever handle.

So how does a foreign man meet a Filipina in person?

The best way is just to be friendly, and secure in the knowledge that you are desirable to many women of the Philippines. You can forget about using any corny pick up lines and just kick back and engage women in conversation just about anywhere and most times the Filipina will soon turn the course of the conversation from which country you are from, to what your marital status is. This will happen in the stores of shopping malls, night clubs and restaurants or simply just walking down the street. Once the initial ice has been broken and a Filipina has determined that you are available, they tend to be somewhat coy. I believe that the concept of “dating” is far different here than what we are used to in the west and instead of a first date consisting of movie and dinner in a romantic setting, you could find that you are soon sitting in the family home surrounding by countless relatives eating huge meals and answering every question in the book. Get used to that because if you figure you want to go farther with this Filipina, family will probably never be too far away during the initial courtship. Though this might be a little disconcerting to you, it does provide a good opportunity to understand what you might be getting into. If you are inundated with sad tales of woe from multiple family members who are fishing for handouts, it might be good advice to politely move on to the next Filipina as it would probably be a good indication of things to come. If they are not too shameless to go this route meeting you for the first time, just imagine the pressure to provide you will be put under when you are locked into a relationship with their daughter/niece/sister.

You will also find that the Filipinas that you engage in conversation with might already be in a relationship and at first it may seem strange that they are asking if you are single and looking, but believe me, it will soon become clear. You might then be finding you are at that family gathering being presented with a wide range of single relatives, lol.

The next important thing you should be aware of is that most Filipnas are just not into the concept of casual dating. If you proceed to the take her out, one on one stage, she will probably not be considering it as getting to know each other as friends first.Her goal is most likely a long term relationship with the end result of marriage and kids. Personally I suggest that you should always know before you get to this stage, what it is that you really want in a relationship. If your end goal is not marriage and possibly kids, be very careful and totally honest from the start. Though less plentiful, there will be Filipina women who are cool with this and though it might prolong your search a little, you will probably still be successful. No use leaving a string of resentful and hurt Filipina women in the wake of your search for the one that is right for you, unless of course you are a cad.

Should YOU forego online dating and just try to meet a Filipina in person?

Its a personal choice I guess. When I first explored the idea of a relationship with a Filipina I have to admit I still had plenty of my pre-programmed insecurities, fears and simply lack of knowledge. First was the obvious, which was an inability to get my idea around the concept that I was in fact still desirable to the opposite sex. For me online dating was the initial introduction to the reality that there were amazing women out there that were truly interested in me. Yes, there was a pile of chaff to cut through but what was left was still more than what I could have ever imagined. Once I was actually on the ground here and having had first hand experience with Filipina women, that insecurity fully left me. Knowing what I know today, I fully understand and can comprehend that there is no need to be insecure so if I were still single and looking, I would probably not feel a need to go online in my search and just see what develops when I got here in person. The other fear I had was coming halfway around the world to a strange country without too much knowledge of the place I was visiting and no one to show me around when I got here. Again, I have to admit that this was a pre-programmed fear reinforced by the many “responsible” family and friends who considered a safe vacation meant behind the walls of secure resort, rather than a basically unplanned exploration of a third world country. I think that in some ways I used online dating ahead of my trips here was to have a familiar face meet me when I got off the plane so that I would not feel so alone and overwhelmed in a strange new world. Again this was not necessary and I now know there are a lot of resources such as social media groups where I could have met other foreigners who would have been happy to get me acquainted with whatever area of the Philippines I decided to visit.

In conclusion, I am fully aware that online dating is far and away different than meeting some woman in person and that only in person can I truly get to know someone. Knowing what I know now, it would probably by my choice to forego the online dating sites and simply meet a Filipina in person, however at the time I started my journey what I did was right for me, and hey, it worked beyond my wildest dreams.

Should you want to meet a Filipina, I cannot tell you which way is right for you, what I can say though is there is no need to let fear stop you.

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