The first time I visited the Twin Lakes was in the middle of a raging downpour. Needless to say I failed to get too much of a glimpse of the real beauty this wondrous place has to show. I recently was fortunate enough to be in the office when John, an older gentleman from New zealand walked in looking for something to do. After discussing a few options we settled on a tour of Twin Lakes. As it was short notice and I didn’t have a guide available, I made John an offer. He would pay for the rental of a car and and cost and we would both go together on an exploratory journey.

On our way to Twin Lakes

Twin Lakes - views along the wayTwin Lakes

 The boat ride and swimming

This time we had nothing but blue skys and I tell you was I in for a real pleasant surprise. The road from the national highway north of Dumaguete , to Twin Lakes was alternately smooth new concrete mixed with semi finished gravel paths so the drive was a little arduous at times but the amazing panoramic vistas we encountered were well worth the bump and grind. It took a good 20-25 minutes along this secondary road until we drove into the Twin Lakes provincial park and I have to say I was totally amazed at now finding my first real quiet place in all my travels of the Philippines.

Twin Lakes boat ride photo 3 (2)

The waterfalls of Twin Lakes

Once we unwound for a little while, john and I rented a boat with a oarseman who took us out on the first lake . I donned my goggles and jumped overboard for an utterly invigorating swim in the cool mountain waters. After hopping back on board, we asked the boatman if there were any falls close by as I had never heard any talk of such. He nodded and said, “no problem sir, I take you”, lol. On the far side of the lake, we deboarded and took a walk fifty meters up a well maintained path until we  stopped in total amazement and awe. Here we were looking at a series of small waterfalls and pools that appeared magical. We spent about an hour exploring this wonderland and frolicking in the mountain stream like two little kids until we decided it was time to head back.

waterfalls twin lakes photo 4

The return ride and stop at Azalea restaurant

On the return car ride I decided to show John another little gem Discovered on my first less than spectacular visit to Twin Lakes. Perched on a cliff-side boasting a spectacular view of the mountains , valleys and sea is a modern trendy looking restaurant called Azalea. Not only is the ambiance great, the food is amazing. We both had appetizers, entrees, dessert and drinks for under 1,000 pesos.

Azalea on the road to Twin Lake 10410886_10154375039520585_3169185828765403493_n
10494708_10154375040485585_1183781613812364266_n 10502215_10154375045525585_3328301233650263701_n 10422391_10154375040130585_5527360005073480345_n

Sated, we headed back into Dumaguete, thoroughly satisfied!