Why the Philippines?

It starts with the Beautiful and Loving Filipinas

When asking why the Philippines, all you have to do is look around and you will see that most of the expats here have a beautiful Filipina woman in tow. The majority of those expats are like me, meaning they are far from what Western women seem to consider as “prime” partner material. Not fabulously wealthy, probably at least a little overweight, balding and skin interestingly wrinkled. Not too many spry young chickens among the bunch of us, yet here we are with women that not only would be considered unattainable back home but also love and care for us beyond anything we had thought possible, or had been conditioned by western society that we even deserved.

Though that basic reason seem pretty universal, the actual paths we took to get here have some variance. Some of us checked out the online dating websites like Filipino Cupid, Cherry Blossoms or the many Facebook groups, while others jumped on a plane and preferred to see first hand the beautiful Filipina women that are widely talked about.