Living With a Filipina

Chapter 1

Gord here again , with the continuing story of my Romance with Shirley .

We are going through alot of changes right now , some really great and others , well, a little challenging. The first of which is Shirley’s new job . Since we met, Shirley and I have been working together in my businesses , but as I explained earlier, this caused stress in our relationship, We are both a little on the stubborn side (of course I think she is worse than me ,,lol) and quite often , disagreements on the business side, naturally carried over into our personal relationship. So Shirley made the decision that she wanted to get her own job and earn money apart from the family business. It is not crucial financially that she do so, but I believe that for her to maintain her own feelings of self worth and confidence ,it is a good thing . Problem though is the only job she was able to get quickly involved night shift work . It has been a few days now, and difficult getting into some type of routine where we both get enough sleep, and also spend some quality time together.We haven’t found it yet and I have to admit , I miss her! As hard as it may be right now though, I will support her and her decision to do this. But , for now , no more sitting next to her on the bed at night and watching her sleep her peaceful sleep while I am caressing her cheek. Kawawa Gord eh? lol.
The other big change is that we have just moved into our new house. It is big enough to be able to house the children we are planning ,,,hehehe (I will update you on that if there is any news)
Speaking of children, Shirley and I had a discussion a few nights ago about whether she would consider adopting our first kid. To my surprise , she was excited by the idea. I gotta tell you , I love kids, and recently hanging out at Shirleys family’s house playing with all the little niece and nephews in law I realized I don’t want to waste any more time. At 53 years old, I believe I am finally ready to be a good father, and why not start by adopting? My heart aches every time I see children downtown having to beg to survive, and though I can’t help them all, I could certainly give one the opportunities and the love that would make a total change in their life.
Well I am going a little off topic now , but I just wanted to show you what life is like for us now, and as I write this, I am reminded that Though we love each other , as most normal couples do , Shirley and I are starting to get into the routines of everyday living and very quickly forgetting about Romance. If we are not careful, very soon we will be taking the gift of our love for granted. After waiting for over 20 years for this miracle, I do not want to take for granted the incredible feelings I have for this woman.

That means, everyday I will have to find some way , no matter how small , to show her how much I love her.

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